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Get Involved with Clean Energy: Expert Design, Engineering, and Welding Found at Central Metal Fabricators

Contributions to the Greater Good To bring clean energy initiatives to manufacturing and energy production is both a challenging, yet rewarding responsibility. Central Metal Fabricator’s gas turbine silencers, components, and services are vital to advancing green, pollution-free futures in power … Continue reading

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Central Metal Fabricators Spreads the Message of Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

Established in 1996 as an annual occurrence, this year National Safety Month will highlight a different safety topic for each week in June. Spearheaded by the National Safety Council, the organization is focused on Emergency Preparedness, Wellness, Falls, and Driving. … Continue reading

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Why Are Gas Turbine Silencers Necessary?

Although turbine engines create energy in an efficient way, along with the energy comes a lot of noise; noise so loud, if not properly diminished, could kill a person. Hearing loud noises repeatedly, even if not at a level to … Continue reading

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The Global Use of Gas Turbines is Increasing

The use of gas turbines has increased over the past few years. The global preoccupation with lower maintenance costs of power generation equipment and processes that do not adversely impact the environment have dictated the shift from reciprocating engines to … Continue reading

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Central Metal Fabricators Offers Gas Turbine Silencer Services

As a leader in gas turbine silencing equipment for over 65 years, we are often the first call of customers looking to tackle big projects. This happened recently when we were contacted by Trans Canada and National Grid in the Northeast … Continue reading

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Ready to Learn the ‘Truth About Carbon Dioxide?…

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, the largest independent environmental organization in the world, recently offered some facts about the benefits of carbon dioxide (CO2). He shared the information in The Truth About CO2, an educational video presented on the PragerU … Continue reading

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How Do Absorptive Silencers Work

The absorptive silencer is the most common design. It determines that noise energy is “absorbed” by many different types of fibrous packing materials. As sound waves pass through the fibers of the absorptive material, the sound energy shrinks into small … Continue reading

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