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Gas Turbine Silencer Services

Central Metal fabricators, Inc.   DESIGN. . . At Your Service.

Engineer The Engineering Department at Central Metal Fabricators will insure that "State-of-the-Art" Design is incorporated in your retrofit or new design requirements.

Contact Central for an on-site evaluation of what your needs. Our on-line staff of engineers and draftsmen will produce customized products to meet your requirements - with very reasonable quotes. Central can acoustically redesign your system and give you the performance specifications that the new noise pollution standards require. We provide fast estimates so that you can make better informed budgeting and purchasing decisions.
And we deliver on time

Central Metal fabricators, Inc.   FABRICATION. . . Be Assured of Quality.

Welder Our welders are A.W.S. and A.S.M.E. qualified and certified. We also have a Q.A. program. and manual complying with ANSI N45.2 and MIL-I-45208A. We assure our customers of products that will give them a long and economical life.
You can count on it from Central

Central Metal fabricators, Inc.   REPLACEMENT

Gas turbines installed for peaking and baseload power generation in the late 1960s and early 70s are now thought of by many utilities as forty year service life equipment. Unfortunately, installed silencing systems have demonstrated useful lives of substantially less than twenty years, and many require complete replacement. When considering refurbishment, a complete site reevaluation of acoustical requirements is recommended. In some instances, the original silencing system may need to be upgraded due to revised or new acoustical performance requirements. In still other instances, it can be very economical to replace aged silencing systems with less, but more efficient, downgraded equipment to meet actual current requirements.
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