Industrial Steel Fabrication Services at Central Metal Fabricators

Great structural designs and chosen materials can optimize the lifespan and performance of power transformers, lines, and other utility systems. For these systems to work effectively, they must be made of high-strength, high-quality steel that can withstand the elements – particularly when in hard-to-reach locations.

At Central Metal Fabricators, we have experienced an increased demand for industrial steel fabrication services for T&D and utility applications, so we’d like to provide a more detailed overview of what we have to offer.

Why Choose CMF for Industrial Steel Fabrication Services?

Many metal fabricators offer steel fabrication services for utilities, but working with CMF comes with several unique advantages.

Utility emergencies demand quick responses—no power company wants to be responsible for a days-long blackout. We at CMF have a stellar response time, performing many short-notice and short-term fabrication jobs for pressing needs. Many companies will quote lead times of up to two months for new metal parts, but we know that nobody wants to wait that long. We’ve streamlined our processes and employ experienced fabricators to ensure lead times as low as 3–10 days. And not only do we perform high-speed rush fabrication services, but we also have a fully equipped storage facility with many commonly used materials in stock, enabling us to ship certain requested items even faster.

Our track record of dependable service goes back to1948: we’ve led the field in providing quality fabricated steel parts and gas turbine silencer equipment to clients across America for over 70 years.

Our Steel-Fabricated Components

As CMF has grown over the years, so has our range of capabilities. We fabricate a wide range of steel components to serve the needs of utility companies. Recent demand has enabled us to develop our production abilities even further.

Here are some of the components we produce for power transmission and distribution utility applications, and more:

  • Power transformer boxes and enclosures
  • Boiler panels
  • Diffusers
  • Square tube columns
  • Stainless check valves

For a comprehensive look at our steel-fabricated component offerings, please view our components page here.

Contact Central Metal Fabricators for Industrial Steel Fabrication

For customers in need of quality metal parts (and fast), you’ll find that Central Metal Fabricators is a great choice. Our facility is capable of quickly producing durable, long-lasting parts, and our Miami, FL location enables us to quickly ship them to you by several methods of transport.

To learn more about the industrial steel fabrication services we offer at CMF, please contact us today.