As a leading designer and manufacturer of gas turbine silencing equipment, we at Central Metal Fabricators understand how to precisely evaluate and tackle whatever project you bring to the table. As we start off 2019, we thought it would be an opportune time to provide an in-depth look at how we begin and carry out our work on gas turbine silencing projects. Here is what clients can expect from our working process:

How We Work

When a client comes to us with an idea, we’ll return to them with questions. We perform a full evaluation of every customer’s project specifications to develop an idea of how we can best satisfy their needs. During this process, we’ll ask about specifications, concerns, and any unique insights they may have into the issue.

Once we’ve developed a comprehensive understanding of the project’s goals, we’ll offer our honest recommendations. These may include:

  • Recommendations for material selection with the goal of promoting equipment longevity and cost effectiveness
  • An on-site evaluation followed by advice regarding whether refurbishment or a complete replacement of a preexisting turbine system would be best

We’ll then select the best designers and engineers for the job based on the specifications and desired outcomes. This dedicated team will provide thorough and detailed outlines on how we’ll go about the design and engineering processes. We then send every outline, detail, and conceptual drawing to the client to review.

Once our client is satisfied with the project plan, we procure the necessary materials and get started on the gas turbine silencing project.

Why Work With Central Metal Fabricators?

We’ve established our place as one of the foremost gas turbine silencer manufacturers. Here are a few reasons why customers keep returning to us year after year:

We Keep Costs Low 

Our South Florida location enables us to recruit from a wide pool of skilled workers, meaning that we’re able to grow our staff – and quickly – if needed. This enables us to save on labor costs without sacrificing efficiency.

We also enjoy lower freight costs than other producers due to our wide reach throughout the gas turbine industry. What’s more, our procurement strategies mean we’re always sourcing the most efficient alternative materials, which further helps reduce costs while maintaining effectiveness.

We Offer Personalized Services

Working within a tight-knit team, we are able to offer a more personalized experience than larger organizations. We provide hands-on consulting to each of our clients, delivering solutions optimally tailored to their needs. We make ourselves available because we’re passionate about our projects and how they’ll benefit our clients’ bottom line.

We Achieve Quick Turnarounds

We consider our turnaround speeds as a significant point of pride here at CMF. Even if it means adding a second shift, we’ll always ensure that we deliver our projects on time.

Discover Our Solutions

Central Metal Fabricators strives to make every project as smooth, straightforward, and budget-friendly as possible. This is why we work so closely with our clients—we use our almost 70 years of expertise to help them achieve optimized turbine solutions without draining resources.

To learn more about Central Metal Fabricators or to find out how we can make your gas turbine silencer project a success, contact us today.

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