Every summer Americans celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s birth on July 4th. On this day in 1776 the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, a revolutionary document that established our independence from British rule and changed the course of our country.

During this historic time in our nation the industrial revolution began. Once we learned the techniques of mass production in manufacturing products, the American economy boomed, and the American way of life completely changed once again. What was once a mostly rural way of life became a more urbanized developed lifestyle.

It gives Central Metal Fabricators joy to recognize our nation’s independence and strong revolutionary history in which we still hold of value within our company today. We remember the sacrifice and the willingness to try the unknown our young country withheld. We are proud to continue to work in an industry that propelled our nation forward in its early days.

During this national holiday, we at Central Metal Fabricators look back at our history to acknowledge where we’ve been while looking towards our future- in strive to continue our country’s great legacy.

We wish you and yours a Happy Fourth Of July with the request to recall all our country’s sacrifices, challenges, and willingness to overcome the obstacles which led it to become the world leader it is today. Happy Birthday, America!

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