Today, Central Metal Fabricators is known as an industry leader, retrofitting, designing, and fabricating gas turbine silencing equipment of the absolute highest quality. However, it all began back in 1948, and what was a small, specialized business back then has grown significantly over the years.

Originally a general sheet metal shop providing exhaust and ventilation systems, and then commercial and residential air conditioning, several years later we began doing industrial work for power plants throughout the state of Florida. Evolving and growing, our first major client in the industry was Florida Power and Light, taking our experience and knowledge of working with steel and transitioning to gas turbine overhauls. In the 1960s our experience and success grew when many aircraft derivative jet engine turbines were being used to produce electricity to drive generators, which could quickly produce the necessary power. Gas turbines became popular throughout the country at the time, and after the initial jet aircraft derivative engines, companies such as GE and Westinghouse found they could build larger gas turbines that were used exclusively by power plants to produce electricity (ideal when electricity is needed in an emergency). We continued to grow and become specialists, and after Harold Baskin and Raul Cossio took over the business in 1994, we only got bigger and better.

These turbine stacks only last 10-20 years, and they’ve continued to get larger. We’ve done a huge amount of work on the replacement of the stacks, and expanded our business throughout the country, including the Northeast, Midwest, and California. Currently, as leaders in this field, we are able to offset any freight costs, as south Florida has a highly competitive labor market, so our labor cost is lower than so many other U.S. areas.

As specialists and experts, we provide replacements, full engineering, and design of new stacks. By using these stacks to control noise, you are assured compliance with noise reduction requirements. Material selection is decisive for equipment life. We have the technical background, proven results and follow closely stat-of-the art material selection.

Beyond the construction, the acoustic engineering we perform on the stacks is both a science and an art form that we have perfected over the years. Not only do you need them to perform properly, but often you need to comply with state regulations and have a highly cautious design approach. We have the knowledge, passion, and 65 years of experience to perform all design, engineering, and repairs flawlessly.

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