As a leader in gas turbine silencing equipment for over 65 years, we are often the first call of customers looking to tackle big projects. This happened recently when we were contacted by Trans Canada and National Gridin the Northeast and Georgia Power in the Southeast for service to their gas turbine silencer systems.

CMF offers gas turbine silencer services that encompass replacement of existing systems as well as full technical support for any problems or issues. Power generation gas turbines have an expected operating life of about 40 years but the silencing systems installed with original equipment have demonstrated useful operation of less than 20. We have found that on many gas turbines the silencing systems often require a complete replacement.

CMF provides a complete site re-evaluation of the acoustical requirements to determine if refurbishment or replacement is the best option. If current acoustical performance requirements have changed, upgrading equipment may be a possible choice. Or, it might be more economical to replace older silencing systems with less, but more efficient equipment.

In the cases of Trans Canada and National Grid, and Georgia Power, we performed on-site evaluations and delivered solutions that meet current noise pollution and efficiency standards.

Our abilities to fabricate, assemble, and install gas turbine silencing equipment sets us above any others in the industry. If you have aging equipment or need stack replacements, contact us to learn more about our custom-engineered products and services.

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