There’s an all-too-common problem many facilities face when it comes to their gas turbines. While the turbines themselves may have been installed several decades ago and are still working properly, their necessary silencing systems can’t always say the same. Often, these older silencing systems have significantly shorter service lives than the turbines.

In this case, it’s required that the original silencing system be upgraded, revised, or—most often—completely replaced. While it might sound costly to replace the entire system, it winds up being more economical, in many cases. The new system will meet current requirements while adding significant efficiency.

At Central Metal Fabricators, we specialize in the design, manufacturing, and installation of these silencing systems using the latest equipment and most technologically-advanced software. We have countless examples of clients for whom we eradicated their turbine noise problems, installing brand new systems that proved effective and economical.

One utility customer was experiencing severe noise problems with their combustion turbine, which was emitting very high levels of low-frequency noise in the 20 to 75-hertz frequency range. The noise resulted in vibration in the lightweight wall and window structures.

The customer had specific sound pressure level requirements. We installed our state-of-the-art baffle and stack design system, which included our “Cold Stack Free Floating” design. This design leads to a long service life by maintaining lower and uniform temperature on the outer structure shell, while allowing all individual internal hot components freedom of movement and expansion in all directions. This results in lower thermal stresses and reduces potential damages to walls and well joints.

In the end, we not only met all sound level requirements, but provided them with a product that would prove effective for many years to come. Following a sound level survey by the client’s independent consultant, a test report stated “The new turbine exhaust silencers appear to be functioning exceptionally well. The low frequency ‘rumbling’ sound normally associated with turbines is completely absent with both units in operation.”

This is one example of the many customers whose new turbine silencers eliminated their problems, exceeded their expectations, and proved to be as economical as they are effective. We enjoy knowing their noise problems were solved.

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