The absorptive silencer is the most common design. It determines that noise energy is “absorbed” by many different types of fibrous packing materials. As sound waves pass through the fibers of the absorptive material, the sound energy shrinks into small amounts of heat.

Absorptive silencers are very effective on high noise frequencies (500-8,000 Hz). At frequencies above and below this range, attenuation performance progressively diminishes.

Notice that when, the noise is absorbed by the packing material, they don’t depend on any other internal mechanisms to obtain noise reduction. Consequently, absorptive silencers cause minimum air flow.

Common applications of absorptive silencers are gas turbine inlet, Centrifugal compressors inlet, industrial fan inlet and any other high-frequency noise applications.
If you are curious whether absorptive silencers are right for your application, please contact one of our acoustic system experts.

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