Power plant managers continually face the challenge of increasing efficiency, extending facilities life and complying with growing environmental regulations and concerns. One option they have is to purchase new plant assets, but that can quickly become costly, and create unaffordable down-time. An alternative to choosing a major overhaul is to maintain and improve existing stacks.

Retrofitting a combustion or gas stack is a significant way to revitalize facilities without major complication. Our expertise in gas and combustion turbine solutions include the capability to do just that, through refurbishing or retrofitting existing simple cycle CT/GT stacks.

In today’s modern age, we know that many CT/GT stacks need upgrades but require custom-engineered solutions. At Central Metal Fabricators, we have become authorities in complete custom designs for refurbishment projects. We provide solutions for optimal performance at a low cost. We’re committed to providing our customers with a cost effective, top quality retrofits that will stand up to the increasing and ever-changing energy demands. At Central Metal Fabricators, we comply with environmental regulations all while driving up capacity and efficiency.

A retrofit can extend a unit life up to 25 years depending on the upgrades. Said upgrades may include new compressors, rotors, advancements in combustion systems and updated emissions and control packages.

Retrofits can be far more efficient to invest in because they keep downtime of operations at a minimum, cost effective and stay up to date with all environment regulations. Taking the refurbishment strategy results in existing stacks becoming cleaner, smarter, and more efficient in a shorter amount of time than any other solution.

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