Focused on providing quality turbine silencing equipment designed from scratch or retrofitted to comply with modern needs, Central Metal Fabricators boasts a stringent quality assurance program that respects the stipulations of both ANSI N45.2 and MIL-I-45208A. Our welders are A.W.S certified and qualified which offers a plethora of benefits to our customers.

Electric welding

The American Welding Society (AWS) Stands For:

This century-old institution is dedicated to advancing the science and technology of welding and allied joining procedures.

Certificates are issued to candidates post:

  • Intensive theory exams that evaluate their general knowledge of the process they wish to claim the certificate for
  • Tests that probe the ability of the welders to tackle problems uniquely with an out of the box mind-set
  • Practical examinations that call for candidates to be nimble with their hands and also comfortable with applying what they know in a high-pressure setting

As a result of this rigorous instruction, Central Metal Fabricators work force processes customer requirements, creates solutions that are effective silencers for a number of turbine environments and turns around deliverables in a very short period of time by working smartly and efficiently.

National Welding Month:

Each year in April the American Welding Society celebrates National Welding Month to recognize and reflect on the impact that welding has around the country. The goal of this celebration is to call attention to how important welding is, as well as promoting the many opportunities that are available in the industry. By 2020 there is expected to be a shortage of over 200,000 skilled welding professionals, creating a real demand for the next generation of welders.

At Central Metal Fabricators we understand the importance of welding and are proud to be a part of this industry. For more information on the services, Central Metal Fabricators offers, please contact us.

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