Although turbine engines create energy in an efficient way, along with the energy comes a lot of noise; noise so loud, if not properly diminished, could kill a person. Hearing loud noises repeatedly, even if not at a level to kill, can cause ear damage, both short term and permanent. To prevent noise levels from being dangerous, mufflers must be used to protect anyone working nearby.


A gas turbine silencer is a type of muffler for industrial turbines. Turbines engines work by forcing air through compressors, which is then typically separated into two sections. One section goes on to cool the engine while another section is sent to a combustion chamber.

In this latter section, the chemical energy that has been created converts to mechanical energy. The air then expands and forces its way out. When the air is recombined, it cools down prior to getting to the first initial turbine set. Then, the turbine is able to convert the airflow from mechanical (or rotating) energy into electrical energy. The exhaust from this process creates the majority of the noise, which comes out of the huge muffler. If there isn’t a gas turbine silencer in place to absorb the noise, anyone working in the vicinity could get serious ear damage, leading to long term hearing loss.

In addition to lowering the chance of harm to employees working nearby or doing routine maintenance, the gas turbine silencer is also able to accommodate intense heat up to 1,200° F. Due to the gas turbine silencer, employees can safely work next to turbines without fear of harming their hearing or working near high temperatures.

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